Support Programs

Our Support Center is committed to a proactive approach to IT support, the CYBONET Support Center’s goal is to ensure end customer success and partner success through regular maintenance, system monitoring and call center, remote and onsite support.

CYBONET Support Center Service

The CYBONET Support Center features a team of expert Help Desk Analysts and Engineers who become personally familiar with our customers, their businesses and technology.

 CYBONET’s Support Center offers:

Priority Level

Priorities are given according to the severity of the problem, and the effect it has on the operation of the customer’s business. CYBONET will do its best effort to minimize any down of mail flow time at the customer’s site.

Priority LevelAppliance StatusImpact on CustomerProblem Description
Priority 1 - High Down Critical No mail flow
Priority 2 - Medium Up Significant Delay in mail flow
Priority 3 - Low Up Minor Configuration related request 

Gold Service Response Time

According to the above level, CYBONET will respond and deal with the problem as soon as possible and in
accordance with the timetable below:

Priority LevelAcknowledgmentResponseResponsibility
 Priority 1 - High < 1 hour < 1 hour Support Engineer 
 Priority 2 - Medium < 1 hour < 4 hour Support Engineer
 Priority 3 - Low < 1 hour < 8 hours Support Engineer  

Service Continuity for Gold Service Customer

For high email service continuity and availability, Cybonet awards Gold Service customer with an email continuity within
its shared cloud infrastructure, customer email domains will be hosted on Cybonet Shared cloud and will act as
secondary mx (mail handler) to Gold Service customers for failover service.
We strongly recommend creating a backup to your virtual Mail-Secure solution ( ) In case of “Priority 1 – High” event off business hours, customer will be
awarded automatically a predefined and configured email continuity service thus reducing the urgency to “Priority 3 –
Low” event.